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  • General questions

General questions

Who is CG24?

CG24 Group AG ("CG24") is an online (peer-to-peer) lending platform. We connect credit seekers with investors - quickly and easily. Investors and borrowers alike enjoy the benefits of lower and transparent costs compared to traditional banks and other credit providers. Borrowers benefit from flexible, fast and low-cost loans as well as a simple and straightforward loan review process. Discretion and the protection of personal data is a top priority at CG24.

Who can obtain a loan from CG24?

In principle, anyone can apply for a loan, provided that at least the following requirements are met:

  • You are between 18 and 65 years old.
  • You have at least a B residence permit for at least one year.
  • You have a minimum net income of CHF 3,500 from a permanent employment relationship.
  • Successful credit, identity and money laundering checks.
How do I apply for a loan?

At CG24 you can apply for a loan quickly and easily, directly via this Link.

  • Fill in the credit application within a few minutes.
  • Upload the required documents. You will be shown directly which documents are necessary for a complete credit check based on your credit application.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive a non-binding credit proposal from our credit experts, tailored to your needs.

If you have any technical difficulties, we will be happy to help you by phone on 044 244 30 24 or by Whatsapp on 078 840 85 58.

What will a loan cost me?

The account opening and the credit check are free of charge and you can obtain a non-binding and individual offer at any time.

The effective annual interest rate (includes the nominal interest rate, the fee for the death risk insurance and the service fee) is between 6.9% and 10.9%.

The individual costs for a loan will be communicated to you transparently in a personal offer. The loan is repaid over a contractually agreed term with fixed monthly instalments. The conditions are set out transparently in the credit agreement.

How quickly will the loan amount be paid out?

You will receive a response to your loan application within 24 hours. If your loan falls under the Consumer Credit Act (loan amount between CHF 500 and CHF 80,000 and no grounds for exclusion under the KKG), payment can only be made 14 days after the contract is signed. Loans with a credit amount of more than CHF 80,000 can be disbursed within a few working days after receipt of the credit agreement signed by you. A prerequisite for the loan disbursement is that all requirements for the granting of the loan are fully met and your project has been fully financed by our investors, which usually happens quickly.

What advantages does CG24 offer me as a borrower?
  • Favourable financing: Effective interest rate starting at 6.9%.
  • Fastest credit check: You will receive a complete credit offer within 24 hours after your credit application.
  • Understandable and transparent: Our goal is to make our products as understandable and transparent as possible.
  • Sensible and suitable financing for your needs: Even special and complicated situations are examined by us without reservation.
  • Easy communication: We are there for you. Just contact us.
Can I repay my loan early?

Yes, you can repay your personal loan early. For legal reasons, we distinguish between personal loans that are subject to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG) and those that are not.

Early repayment of loans that are subject to the CCL:

In the case of consumer loans, borrowers can fulfil their obligations under the loan agreement early. In this case, the borrower is entitled to a waiver of the interest accrued on the unused credit period. Early repayment must be announced to us in writing 10 working days before the date of repayment.

Early repayment of loans that are not subject to the KKG:

Loans with a loan amount of more than CHF 80,000 (or any other KKG exclusion reason), may be repaid by borrowers early, but no earlier than 12 months after the loan disbursement. The intended early repayment must be announced to us in writing 10 working days before the date of repayment. An early repayment fee is owed in accordance with the loan agreement.

What does rescheduling or loan replacement mean?

If someone has taken out one or more loans, they can refinance the existing debt. If someone is paying high interest today, they can make significant savings by switching to a cheaper provider. Furthermore, debts can be bundled, which can lead to a reduction in monthly costs. The previous debts (loans, leasing obligations, credit card debts) are then paid off by a new lender.

How does CG24 deal with attempted fraud?

In the event of any attempted fraud, CG24 files a criminal complaint without exception. Our credit specialists are specially trained in fraud detection and are in contact with numerous institutions in order to quickly validate a suspicion and report it to the police.

What exactly is credit protection and how does it work?

Credit protection is a voluntary insurance against incapacity for work and unemployment that you can sign up for with us.

In case of incapacity to work (due to illness or accident) or involuntary unemployment, you can contact our insurance partner, provide the relevant proof and your monthly installment will be covered by the insurance during the entire period of unemployment, but for a maximum of 12 months per benefit case. 

The insurance coverage ends with the ordinary or premature termination of the loan agreement, but at the latest with the repayment of the entire loan amount.